Is Bubble Tea Halal in the UK?

Bubble tea has become a popular drink worldwide, especially among young people who enjoy its unique taste and texture. However, for Muslims, the question of whether bubble tea is halal or not is important, as they are required to consume only halal food and drinks. In this article, we will explore different aspects of bubble tea, from its ingredients to its certification, to determine whether it is halal in the UK.

What is Bubble Tea?

Explanation of Bubble Tea

Bubble tea is a tea-based drink that originated in Taiwan in the 1980s. The drink gained its name from the frothy bubbles that form when it is shaken, along with its signature ingredient, the tapioca pearls, which settle at the bottom. The tapioca pearls give bubble tea its unique texture, and the drink is often served with milk or fruit flavourings.

History of Bubble Tea

Bubble tea originated in Taiwan but has since gained popularity worldwide. It has become an iconic drink in several Asian countries and is now sold in many Western countries, including the UK.

Ingredients of Bubble Tea

The basic ingredients of bubble tea are tea, milk, fruit flavours, and tapioca pearls. Tapioca pearls are made from tapioca starch, which is extracted from the cassava root. Other ingredients commonly added to bubble tea include jelly, syrup, and popping boba.

Is Bubble Tea Halal?

Definition of Halal

Halal is the Arabic word for “permissible,” and it refers to any food, drink, or action that is allowed under Islamic law. Halal food is prepared according to specific guidelines and must not contain any ingredients that are considered haram (forbidden) by Islamic law.

Issues with Tapioca Pearls

One of the main concerns about bubble tea is the tapioca pearls, as they are not a common ingredient in traditional Islamic cuisine. However, tapioca pearls themselves are not haram, as they are made from tapioca starch and water. The issue arises when the tapioca pearls are processed with non-halal ingredients such as sweeteners, preservatives, or thickeners.

Certification of Bubble Tea Shops

In the UK, bubble tea shops are not required to have halal certification, but many shops do offer halal bubble tea. The best way to determine whether a bubble tea shop is halal is to ask the staff about their ingredients and preparation methods. Many shops will display a halal certificate or sign, but it is important to note that not all halal certifications are equal, and consumers should research the certification bodies to ensure their legitimacy.

Are Toppings Halal?

Jelly Toppings

Jelly toppings, also known as fruit jellies, are usually made from agar, a gelatinous substance extracted from seaweed. Agar is considered halal and is a common ingredient in many Islamic desserts, so jelly toppings in bubble tea should generally be considered halal.

Popping Boba Toppings

Popping boba is a relatively new topping in bubble tea, consisting of small, fruit-flavoured balls that burst in the mouth. Popping boba is usually made from fruit juice and a plant-based thickener, so it is generally considered halal.

Syrup Toppings

Syrup toppings are a common addition to bubble tea, and many shops offer different flavours such as caramel, vanilla, and chocolate. It is important to note that some syrups may contain non-halal ingredients such as alcohol or non-halal sweeteners, so it is best to check with the shop about their syrup ingredients.

Which Bubble Tea Ingredients Are Haram?

Use of Gelatin

Some bubble tea shops may use gelatin as a thickener in their drinks. Gelatin is often derived from non-halal sources such as pork or beef, so it is considered haram. It is important to ask the shop about their use of gelatin before ordering.

Presence of Alcohol

Alcohol is a common ingredient in many flavourings and extracts used in bubble tea. While the amount of alcohol may be negligible, consuming any amount of alcohol is considered haram in Islam, so it is best to avoid bubble teas that contain alcohol.

Non-Halal Sweeteners

Non-halal sweeteners such as high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners may be used in some bubble teas. These ingredients are considered haram, so it is best to choose bubble teas that are sweetened with natural or halal sweeteners.

How to Make Halal Bubble Tea at Home

Substitutes for Non-Halal Ingredients

For those who prefer to make bubble tea at home, it is important to choose halal ingredients and use substitutes for non-halal ingredients such as gelatin and non-halal sweeteners. Agar can be used as a substitute for gelatin, and natural sweeteners such as honey or agave syrup can be used in place of non-halal sweeteners.

Choosing Halal Tapioca Pearls

When choosing tapioca pearls, it is important to ensure that they are made from 100% halal ingredients. Some tapioca pearls may be processed with non-halal ingredients, and it may be difficult to determine which products are halal. Consumers can look for halal certification labels on packaging or purchase tapioca pearls from halal-certified suppliers.

Halal Bubble Tea Recipes

There are many online resources for halal bubble tea recipes that use halal ingredients and substitutes for non-halal ingredients. By making bubble tea at home, consumers can ensure that their drink is 100% halal and tailored to their preferences.


In conclusion, it is possible to find halal bubble tea in the UK, but it requires careful consideration of the ingredients and the certification of the bubble tea shops. For those who prefer to make bubble tea at home, it is important to choose halal ingredients and use substitutes for non-halal ingredients such as gelatin and non-halal sweeteners. With careful attention to these details, bubble tea can be enjoyed as a permissible and satisfying beverage for all.


Frequently Asked Questions about Bubble Tea and Halal in the UK

Q: What is bubble tea?

A: Bubble tea, also known as boba tea, is a tea-based drink that is typically served cold and contains tapioca balls or jelly-like fruit pieces that “pop” in your mouth when you bite into them.

Q: Is bubble tea halal?

A: It depends on the ingredients used to make the bubble tea. Some bubble tea brands use ingredients that are not halal, such as gelatins made from non-halal sources. However, there are halal options available in the UK.

Q: What are some of the ingredients used in bubble tea that I should be aware of?

A: The main ingredients in bubble tea are tea, milk, tapioca balls, and syrup. Some bubble tea brands use ingredients like gelatin or jelly that are not halal, so it’s important to check the ingredients list before consuming.

Q: Is boba halal?

A: Yes, tapioca balls (also known as boba) are halal.

Q: Is the tea used in bubble tea halal?

A: Tea is halal, as long as it doesn’t contain any non-halal ingredients.

Q: Can I assume that all bubble tea products are halal?

A: No, it’s important to check with the specific brand or store to ensure that the ingredients used in their bubble tea are halal.

Q: Are popping boba halal?

A: It depends on the brand and ingredients used, but there are halal options available for popping boba as well.

Q: Why is it important to ensure that bubble tea is halal?

A: For those who follow halal dietary restrictions, it’s important to consume only halal food and drinks. It’s also important to know what you’re consuming and where it comes from.

Q: Is bubble tea halal in Islam?

A: It’s not explicitly mentioned in the Quran or Hadith, but as long as the ingredients are halal, bubble tea is considered halal in Islam.

Q: Are there any well-known brands that offer halal bubble tea in the UK?

A: Yes, there are several halal bubble tea brands in the UK, including Xing Fu Tang and Bubbleology.



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