Authentic Taro Bubble Tea Recipe

Make Your Taro Bubble Tea, Authentic And At-Home Taro Milk Tea Recipe


Sweet, rich, and creamy- a classic taro bubble tea is the perfect combination of taste and flavors. This delicious beverage is made using taro with milk and sugar, instantly lifts up your soul while energizing your body. This elegant, “comfort” tea is everything you need to start or end your day on a delightfully sweet note.

Even though this beverage was first introduced and made popular in Asian countries, its fever quickly caught on and the rest of the world become its fan in no time. Now, this sweet drink is popular all over the world with so many variations to try out!

What Is A Taro Boba Bubble Tea?

As the name suggests, taro bubble tea [also known as bubble tea, or Boba tea] is a type of Taiwanese bubble tea made using fresh taro root with other “tea making” ingredients. This includes milk, jasmine tea, tapioca pearls, and brown sugar. And because of such a flavorful combination, every sip of this drink is as sweet and creamy as it can get.

Its delightful taste is not the only thing that makes this bubble tea super popular. The bright, vibrant purple color of the taro root makes it look extremely beautiful and gives it a very joyous appearance. 

Taro Boba Milk Tea Nutritional Facts, Is It Healthy?

Originating in Taiwan, taro bubble tea is definitely healthy for your body. Because it is made with some amazingly healthy ingredients, it is nutritious and hence, doesn’t do any bad to your body [unless you are allergic to any of these components].

For starters, taro roots are an excellent source of dietary fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and vitamin E. These nutrients are super beneficial for the body and bring in a lot of changes in your body when consumed regularly. 

Similarly, the green tea present in this drink is nutrient-loaded too. Rich in antioxidants, fibers, and vitamins, this tea helps to fight inflammation and other diseases successfully for a healthy system. 


How To Make Taro Bubble Tea At Home? Easy Taro Bubble Tea Recipe

One interesting thing about taro milk tea is that you can make it in several different versions to satisfy the need of your soul! However, the tea base of this beverage is the same always. Let’s learn how to make easy taro milk tea so that you don’t have to run to bubble tea shops every now and then.

Method 1: Taro Milk Tea Recipe With Fresh Taro Paste

This is the most classic, absolutely heaven-sent taro milk tea that you will ever taste.

Ingredients You Would Need

·        2 cups of water

·        1 tablespoon of loose-leaf jasmine green tea

·        4 tablespoons mashed taro

·        1 teaspoon of sweet potato powder

·        1/2 cup brown sugar

·        1/2 cup milk of your choice [coconut milk, oat milk, or just dairy]

·        1/2 cup dehydrated tapioca pearls

·        3 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk

·        Ice cubes

Note: If you are not comfortable with loose tea leaves, you can always use jasmine green tea bags, if you like. The taste won’t differ much.

How To Make Taro Milk Tea With Taro Paste

·        Start by boiling small cubed taro in water until they are soft. Blend the cooked taro in the food processor to make a creamy consistency.

·        In another small saucepan, take 1/2 cup of dried tapioca pearls and boil them until the boba turns transparent and starts to float. Take the pan off the heat and strain the tapioca. Wash them off with cold water to maintain their hydration.

·     In the meantime, bring 2 cups of water to a boil over medium heat and add the loose tea leaves to make your flavorful jasmine tea. Strain the tea to remove the tea leaves completely.

·        While brewing the tea, make the simple syrup with brown sugar and water. Pour brown sugar and water into a saucepan and stir until the mixture turns thicker. Turn off the heat before it burns.

·        Now, in a glass bowl, pour the milk, smashed taro, and sweetened condensed milk and mix them all together. Put the sweet potato powder in the mixture to give it a beautiful purple tone. Whisk until everything is thoroughly combined.

·        When you are done making the taro milk, it’s time to assemble! Add tapioca balls to your favorite glass and pour the desired amount of ice into it. Then pour the taro milk and the green tea one after the other. Add the simple syrup and stir to combine everything together. You can also add ube extract to the tea to make it even more flavorful.

·        Stir the mixture lightly with a straw and Voila! Your delicious taro bubble milk tea is made.

Method 2: Taro Milk Tea With Taro Powder Recipe 

If you don’t have enough time to make a fresh taro mix, you can always use instant taro powder to make your purple drink easily. It tastes the same yet is super quick to make.

Ingredients You Would Need

·        2 cups of water

·        2 bags of the tea of your choice

·        4 tablespoons of bubble tea powder

·        1/2 cup brown sugar

·        1/2 cup milk of your choice

·        1/2 cup dehydrated tapioca pearls

·        3 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk

·        Ice cubes

How To Make Taro Milk Tea  With Powdered Taro

·        Following the above recipe prepare the tea mixture, tapioca, and sugar syrup perfectly.

·        In a blender, pour in the milk, condensed milk, and the taro powder together and blend them well. This will make a frothy consistency and make the tea even tastier. Before adding the powder form of the taro, don’t forget to go through the instructions on the packet.

·        After it is done, transfer to a bowl and taste the flavor profile of the mixture. You may need to adjust the ingredients for a heavenly taste.

·        Once all the components of the tea are prepared, assemble it as discussed above for a beautiful yet super delicious drink!

Add-Ons You Can Use In Your Milk Tea With Taro

Besides all the “must use” ingredients, we also recommend using add-ons in your milk tea mixture to make it even tastier and more personalized.

Let’s list some interesting add-ons that you can use to enjoy taro even better.

Vanilla extract: With its subtle vanilla notes, this extract enhances the flavor of your tea greatly.

Coconut jelly OR grass jelly: Besides tapioca, you can also add these jelly pearls to make the drink even tropical.

Skip the milk: If you are a fan of strong beverages, skip the milk altogether for a more robust tea flavor.

Frozen almond milk cubes: Freeze almond milk and top your taro drink with the frozen cubes for a delicious nutty flavor.

Is Taro a Fruit or Vegetable?

Taro is a starchy tuber root vegetable with a brown outer skin that is used in many Asian [especially southeast asia] delicacies. With its mild flavor and white flesh with small purple cutouts, this item is not only suitable for sweet dishes but can also be used for savory ones. 

Why Is Taro Milk Tea Purple In Color?

Taro tea with milk usually has a vibrant purple color if it’s made from taro powder rather than smashed taro. The powder contains artificial coloring that gives the drink a beautiful purple hue. 

What Is Better, Taro Paste or Taro Powder?

Mashed taro and powder are both excellent when it comes to making this cold beverage. When it comes to actually pick one, it all comes down to your personal preference.

Can I Use Taro Root Without Boiling?

It’s not the best idea to use taro without boiling it properly. When you boil this vegetable, it becomes easier to smash it and use it to make your favorite beverage.

When Should I Add Tapioca Pearls To My Tea?

Even though there is no “rule of thumb” as to when to put the tapioca in the glass, most taro-infused drink recipe uses these pearls at the beginning of the assembly process.

What Does A Taro Bubble Tea Taste Like?

The taste of a taro milk tea with boba is quite interesting. As this vegetable tastes similar to a sweet potato, milk tea with taro would taste sweet, nutty, and vanilla-like with a very creamy finish. 

Is Taro Bubble Tea Vegan?

Whether a taro milk tea is vegan or not is quite debatable. As this beverage is usually served with dairy-based milk in boba shops all around the world, it cannot be labeled a true vegan beverage.

However, if you’re using dairy-free milk options [coconut milk, plant milk, soy milk], then you can definitely say that a taro bubble milk tea is vegan!

Does Taro Milk Tea Have Caffeine?

Yes, the taro milk drink definitely has caffeine. However, the amount of caffeine depends on the type of tea you are using and how long it has been brewed.

In general, a cup of regular green tea contains 30 to 50 milligrams of caffeine depending on the amount f time you brew it.

What Should I Use, Green Tea or Black Tea To Make Taro Milk Tea At Home?

You can use any tea of your choice to make the taro milk beverage. There is no fixed type that needs to be used to make this amazing beverage.

Can I Use Taro And Ube Together?

You can definitely use taro and ube together to make your drink even more flavorful and delicious. And as they belong to the same family, these two vegetables go along pretty well too.

When Is The Best Time To Enjoy Taro Tea?

This taro-infused beverage is one delicious “comfort” drink for you. And therefore, there is no exact time to drink this beverage. You can enjoy it anytime you feel like it.

Final Words

Although taro milk tea is a Taiwanese beverage, this bubble tea is one delicious beverage that is loved all over the world. It doesn’t matter whether you use powder or fresh taro, this chiller will always satisfy your thirst and fulfill your craving. Make it on your own to enjoy some personalized flavors. 


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